2010 - presente
2010 - presente

Patrícia Oliveira - Plastic Arts

Patrícia Oliveira is an artist that reinvents herself in very creation she makes. She is one of the most versatile artists in the district of Viana do Castelo and has developed projects with different audiences, ranging from young school children to reknown mucis composers or university teachers. Pottery, sculpting, tile painting, drama, or textiles are just a few of the areas where her talent has been applied to with great success.

It is therefore a great honour to include Patrícia Oliveira as Artist Partner of the Project "Monção Nas Mãos" to invite visitors to observe, recreate and co-create the values underlying this meaningfum Territory. 

João Lourenço (Jone-M) - Photography

Because the Projecto "Monção Nas Mãos - Turismo Criativo" is an act of Love for the Territory, selecting João Lourenço (Jone-M) is obvious! If there's someone who has photographed our people and our places in a heart-felt manner, that's him. 


Another privilege to welcome João's talent and enthusiasm to make visitors understand Monção and our area through a lense that depends more on the heart than on the finger that presses the button! 

Luís Miguel Frasco

Luís Frasco has made an important discovery in his life and hasn't stopped since: a sketchbook is his companion and has made him perhaps one of the most talented urban sketchers in the country! Luís Frasco is a member of the non-for profit organisation "Urban Sketchers Portugal" and he participates in workshops, exhibitions, meetings and has also produced drawings for several books.  

As he doesn't draw at home, every darwing is a ttrip in itself. Maybe it is the doctor's office, in a restaurant, hotel or concert hall! Leaving his routine life is the excuse he needs to capture a beautiful moment before it fades away!

Accept the invitation to witness and learn some sketching tricks when the opportunity comes up because good moments don't last forever!

Ricardo de Campos - Painting

Ricardo de Campos is an artist whose whose talent is readily accepted in many locations that transcend our own country. Ricardo de Campos is an active mind that keeps producing statemesnt about the time we live in, where his own spirituality is questioned and challenged!

It is an enormous prestige to have him as one of our Artist Partners to recreate this land in unpredictable ways.

Rui Ribeiro

Rui Ribeiro has always loved cooking! From the time he used to admire his family's smokey kitchen, he Rui Ribeiro has put all his talent and effort into becoming one of the most promising and versatile Chefs in the Alto Minho Region.


Born in a small pace in Monção Chef Rui Ribeiro has worked in some fine restaurants, organizes workshops and showcooking sessions in major events both in Portugal and Spain and is also a teacher at th Vocational School in Monção. As photography is also one of his passions, he authors the Food Blog "Faz & Come", which has earned him a nomination for the Best Portuguese Blogger at the AHRESP Awards 2017. Finally, he opened a patisserie/boulangerie in the Municipal Market, which has proved to be a huge success.

Being an Artist Partner with  "Monção Nas Mãos" will wet everyone's appetite and prove that everyone can cook!

Luís Lourenço - Music

Luís Lourenço Sousa was born in France as a son of emigrants but has lived in Monção for many years now. He is an artisan, musician and luthier (builds and repairs musical instruments)

From an early age Luís has been devoting his life to rescuing traditional instruments from oblivion, especially the bagpipe, and has taught several workshops on both building and playing this Roman instrument.  In the last years, Luís has created and helped to create several traditional music bands and also a non-for profit organisation that aims to revitalise the cultural heritage of Monção and its region.

In 2008 he initiated his own workshop called Correia where he has been studying and making historic and traditional Portuguese musical instruments related to the folklore traditions in the Minho and Galicia regions. 

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