Arlindo Queiroz

Arlindo Queiróz is a simple and maultitasking man who resisted the temptation of emigrating and now stands proud of his decision.

A cowboy and an actor he knows the high lands of Santo António Val de Poldros like no-one, and his preserverance symbolise the resiliance of those who have inhabited the harsh lands rasing cattle for the last centuries in the Alto Minho Region. 

Sheep Shering

This is one of the most curious activities that our partners carry out with the help  of all those who have always wanted to touch and feel theses peaceful animals, still abundant throughout Monção.


Shearing a sheep is not only an age-old tradition but also an act of respect for the animals in a symbiotic connection with Man. Come and feel the heat and natural grease of this animal with one of our Partners.  

Quinta das Pereirinhas

We are in a Wine Territory. This has been so since the 13th century. The Quinta das Pereirinhas vineyards is a family-run estate that has taken in the knowledge of past generations and handed it on to João Pereira, the wine maker who has catapulted their wines to the Best in the Vinhos Verdes Region, something worth finding the secrets thereof.

Come and help make the next quality wine for this lovely family and enjoy a glass of their refreshingly fine Alvarinho wine!

2010 - presente
2010 - presente

Bread making

Once one of the daily chores of the rural inhabitants ogf Monção, bread making is now one of the most exquisite delicacies one can enjoy if you happen to know someone who still has a corn or wheat field, or happens to mill the cereals or has a wood oven.


We are proud to announce that we have what it takes to enjoy the most basic yet essential of foods! So, if you care to join us in a ritual still possible in the highlands, get ready to put on an apron and bake some food just like your grandparents might have baked one day!  No fim comerá o fruto do seu trabalho!

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