Watching the inland of our country losing people, young and old was the first and foremost motivation to stitch together the Project "Monção Nas Mãos- Creative Tourism". Hence, our aim is to contribute to the recovery and recreation of age-old knowledge in rural traditions. At the same time we intend to build from the norm and recreate the Territory of our region through contemporary artistic expressions in a process of co-creation, placing visitor and locals side by side, hand in hand.

The Project initiated in July 2016 with a collaboration between the Municipality of Monção and our Partners. The event was the Feira do Alvarinho (Alvarinho Wine Fair). We organised two Creative Tourism events: a creative meeting of the Urban Sketchers Portugal - Porto community and three sessions of Photo Tours in the main event. 

Later in October we organised yet another Photo Tour through the streets of our village. From that event our project has enlarged its list of experiences and now includes sheep shearing, wine tastings, local cuisine workshops and guided tours in the mountains of the region.

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